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Thank God For Airbnb

Back in my hometown, Iligan City, when we want to unwind and chill, there’s one commonplace in mind: Timoga — to relax and enjoy the waters.

Here in Cebu, if we want to chill out, there are a lot of options, especially resorts. However, you have to spend thousands of pesos just to enjoy that luxury.


But not anymore! Glad that it’s the modern times and technology has made our lives easier. I’m talking about airbnb, where we can rent out a condo space with pool amenities in just a few clicks of an app.


Last weekend, my partner and I decided to have a staycation ‘coz we BADLY NEEDED one. We booked a place near I.T Park and with a swimming pool as one of its amenities. I’ve always wanted to try renting a place where I could see buildings and city lights at night time as I enjoy the pool and also waking up in the morning with a wonderful view of Cebu’s towers.



And alas, I was able to book my dream home and experience living in a condo unit with a great view of Cebu City — although it’s just for a night.



We were able to book a place at La Guardia Flats 2, and boy, the unit was spacious, clean, and the balcony’s view is amazing!




Apart from the wonderful view, we definitely enjoyed our stay as we’re definitely close to nearby cafes and foodshops, and of course, we can cool our own food inside.

I’ll be uploading my vlog and I’ll definitely give you a room tour.


You can check out the unit HERE:


Sign up today and get P1,600 credit on your first trip! Just click HERE:


*NOTE: This post is not sponsored and solely based on my personal experience

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