Anna Cay Cebu

Meeting Anna Cay: The Blog

This is the detailed blog of me and Mio’s Meet & Greet with YouTube Beauty Vlogger, Anna Cay.

It was a hot sunny afternoon when Mio and I went out to start our Saturday Adventure. We headed out to meet Mio’s old colleague and treat ourselves to a Korean delight.

We spent a couple of bucks at Chukumi Spicy, and had an average food experience. It was nothing special but we were somehow satisfied. We found ourselves perplexed on what to do to kill time as we wait for this popular beauty vlogger’s meet and greet.

Yes, it was Anna Cay, one of the best beauty vloggers in the Philippines.

You might be wondering — why the heck would I go and meet a beauty vlogger when my niche is Food, Lifestyle, and Entertainment? Well, I’m all out to support my partner’s fave.

Mio became a huge fan of Anna Cay when he searched for solutions to treat his acne problems — and since then, he never stopped supporting Anna Cay. I was able to watch some of her vlogs, too, and yes–I gotta admit, I was entertained even though I don’t use makeup.

Her initial Cebu meet and greet place was at Starbucks Crown Regency, and soon changed to Starbucks Cibo at Escario. Mio and I settled at the said place and waited for her. The place was already packed with regular customers with their books and laptops out, and we’re guessing Anna Cay fans, too, with their mobile phones out, scrolling through their social media feed.

With frapped in our hands, Mio settled to play Mobile Legends instead, while I was just scrolling around my IG feed, when I noticed an update from Anna Cay herself.

The venue was changed again to Harolds Hotel. Good thing it was only a few walks away from Starbucks Cibo. We then headed out and noticed Mio’s excitement. It was really cute. Like a true fan, he can’t stop smiling and imaging on what to do when he meets Anna.

“Makig selfie jud ko bahala na”
“Pati kang Geloy (Anna Cay’s boyfriend)”
“Basin ma starstruck ko, wala na nuon koy masulti”

It was fun to see him ecstatic.

We arrived at Harolds Hotel and soon headed to the function room where the Meet and Greet was to be held. We were early and was one of the first few who arrived. We settled on a couch and talked to the other Anna Cay fans. It was amazing to meet the other fans and to see Mio interacting with strangers.

And then the meet and greet happened — well, not actually the M&G One-On-One type because the turnout was a total surprise. Anna Cay was only expecting a few but Cebuanos love her so much — that the actual turnout is around 300. Yep, all 300 in one small function room.

But gladly, it was not a mess.

Then comes the photo op. Again, it was not a one-on-one photo op since we’re too many, so we had to do it by batches. We’re the lucky second batch and seeing a popular YouTube Vlogger/Influencer up close is remarkable. She’s down-to-earth, humble, pretty (of course), and my god, she’s so petite.

It ended well, not because we met Anna Cay but we gained friends as well.

In today’s modern times, celebrities and popular names are not just seen on TV anymore. With the power of social media, anyone can be an influencer — like Anna Cay.

If you want to watch the vlog, feel free to check it out below:

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