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First Flight with Royal Air


I keep thinking about it as expensive.

I keep thinking about it as a luxury.

That it’s too costly, we could’ve just take the ferry. It may take longer but hey, we could still get there.

But think of all the hours wasted, when you could be at home faster, enjoying time with your family, instead of being in a ferry for long strenuous hours.

While browsing for cheap plane ticket prices from a brand with yellow/blue colors, I noticed some of the seats are cheap yet the fly date will be in a few days/weeks — meaning you have to book right away to get it for less. Plus, there’s a fear of flight delays (which I hate the most).

And then I came across Royal Air.

They’re offering inexpensive ticket prices, accepts credit/debit card, eTickets available, and I’ve been reading good reviews about them, too!

So, in a heartbeat, I booked a ticket bound to Cebu worth PHP 1,601. The online transaction was fast. Got my eTicket in the email, informed by the Royal Air Facebook Admin that there’s no need to print the eTicket. And there, I was ready to go!

The day of my flight came, got checked in by just showing my ID and eTicket, got my cute boarding pass, and we then boarded the plane.

I was expecting for it to be small, but it’s not.

Inside, the seats are comfy, with enough leg room for tall people like me, and yes, I slept throughout my flight. And woke up, that we just landed in Cebu.

Comfy seats

Spacious leg room

And oh — they provided free snacks, too!


Now it’s no longer expensive.

Now it’s no longer a luxury

when I learned about Royal Air.

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