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Unfogging The Future: My Bazi Consultation with Master Judith Eugenio

As we walk on this world for many years, sometimes we ask ourselves if we’re walking on the right path.

Though some of us may be lucky on the right track but there are some that are skeptical of the turnout of things, and I’m no stranger to that.

With the negative events happened this year, I was in a state where I question my personal existence and purpose. The timing couldn’t be more perfect when I was given the chance to have a Bazi Consultation yesterday with Master Judith Eugenio to unfog the future, learn more about myself and be guided to the right path.

But wait, What is BaZi?

Bazi is said to be the destiny map of your life with indications of the opportunities and challenges that may come in your life.

By plotting, analyzing and decoding our Bazi, we are able to know what is probably in store for us in life. However, it takes an expert to interpret the results. What we can simply do is to learn what are our strengths and weaknesses through Bazi.

What makes this different from other readings?

Horoscopes we see on the dailies are general ones. It may or may not directly affect you. But with BaZi Reading, it analyses your chart based on your date and time of birth, making it more accurate, relatable and significant to you.

And boy, it was the definite eye-opening session I ever had.

Master Judith was indeed an expert in reading BaZi as she showed me my chart, and gave me a deep analysis on what I had been through, what I’m going through and what I will face in the future.

It’s definitely not your typical feel-good reading where you are being fed with lies. This one is really personal as the chart shows my traits — the one I should encourage and the one I should tone it down.

It’s one of those sessions that adds fuel to your drive that was once lost.

So, I’m gonna share one of the points of the reading: I’ve recently started a project. I ventured to Game Streaming in Facebook as CircusTV. It went well, as I garnered more than 3K followers in just two months, but I lost the drive when I succumbed to depression caused by the factors in my environment, the people around me and instances where it made me stopped. I totally lost the fire I was once had.

I didn’t mentioned this to Master Judith but she was able to read from the charts that I have this project and encouraged me to overcome my depression as it may lead to the success of this project.

I gotta admit, I was take aback when she mentioned that “project” and in an instant, it caused a spark to ignite that fire again.

Other points she mentioned are handling finances well ( she gave additional tips how), and how I should sharpen myself to become a success.

After the session, I felt glowing as the fire in me is ignited once again and I felt more optimistic to the years ahead.

You guys can have an exclusive BaZi Consultation with Master Judith, too!


This flash sale will be on July 18, 2019 at 11AM – 5PM only. Services purchased are transferable so it can be given to a friend, a family member, or a loved one as a gift. Services can be availed anytime within five months after purchase. Some of her services are:

  • Bazi Destiny Reading: Live Consultation (for Cebu-based clients), Online Consultation, or 12-month Personalized Bazi Report
  • Feng Shui Consultation: Feng Shui for homes, condos, commercial buildings, or offices
  • Date Selection: Selection of dates for wedding, business opening, contract signing, house/office renovation, or business travel

Master Judith Eugenio is a well-known certified Bazi Destiny and Feng Shui consultant. Her expertise lies in San He Feng Shui techniques that balance the energy via landform Feng Shui. She is also a practitioner of Qi Men Dun Jia, Face Reading, and of course, Bazi analysis. She is currently based here in Cebu but she is one of the most sought after professional Feng Shui and Bazi Consultant in the Philippines.

For more details about her promo and more, check her out at and subscribe to her mailing list to receive monthly forecasts as well!

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