Mobile Legends

Legends Will Rise on MLBB 515 CITY RIVALS

Over the past few months, major cities around the Philippines has been placed under an Enhanced Community Quarantine. Most people are staying in their homes, and the increase in mobile games and internet usage had spiked.

Despite all of that, Moonton found ways to provide entertainment to the whole mobile gaming community: A CITY WIDE ONLINE TOURNAMENT!

These past few weeks, me and my co-Community Heroes in Moonton are handling Mass Elimination Rounds to search for the Top 32 Teams that will compete for Mobile Legends 515 CITY RIVALS, an intercity Online Tournament.

Through this, we’ll be able to meet amateur teams that could be the next pro-players in the future.

Top 32 Amateur Teams from all over the Philippines will face-to-face this May 8 – 10, and only one team from one city will hail as the new Legends.

515 City Rivals

Check out the live-stream of the 515 City Rivals on the main MLBB Facebook page, in cooperation with Rumble Royale!

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