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Chromatica: Here to Save Pop Music

The much-awaited new Lady Gaga album is here and it’s EPIC!

LG6 starts of with Chromatica I, that sounds like an introduction of a science fiction movie, with a smooth transition that lead to the first track of the album, Alice, then followed by the singles, Stupid Love and Rain On Me. Free Woman followed suit that followed a simple pop formula that’s easy on the ears. Fun Tonight ends the first phase in a lighthearted way.

Chromatica II begins soon goes into the sickest transition to 911, a pop track reminiscent of Gaga’s The Fame days. Plastic Doll soon followed, and still, sounds like a track from her first album. YAAAZZZ, these are the type of tracks I want to hear from her! Sour Candy feat. BlackPink followed — a short yet pop-tastic track. Though I’m not feeling Enigma, Replay took me back to the days where Kylie Minogue’s eurodance type of tracks are prominent.

The interlude for Chromatica III that lead to the next track with Elton John, Sine From Above is AMAZING! Lovin’ the rhythm of 1000 Doves, and Babylon ends the album perfectly.

All of the tracks shows how brilliant she is as a song writer, and yes, she can still write the same type of songs that made her big and I highly praise her songwriting talent for creating bops in this album. Undoubtedly, Chromatica is indeed one of the best pop albums released this year.

Check out Lady Gaga’s new album, Chromatica, on Spotify.

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